Wande coal: The playful musician.

You can actually count how many Nigerian Musicians can sing as good as Wande Coal. Wande Coal was publicly known nationwide if i can say that with the song OLOLUFE, it is what anyone can call HIT SINGLE, it was on the lips of almost everybody before that we could see him in the "why me" video he was skinny and all, well to his defense they were all skinny.

Aliko Dangote Maintains Top Spot in Forbes' List Of 2014 African Billionaires.

These are the 29 Africans who are worth $1 billion or more:
1. Aliko Dangote, $25 billion
Nigerian, Cement, Flour, Sugar
Aliko Dangote is the richest man in Africa for the fourth year in a row. His Dangote Group is West Africa’s largest industrial conglomerate and has interests in cement production, flour milling, sugar refining and food and beverages. He is $9 billion richer than he was last year on account of the soaring value of the stock price of his publicly-listed Dangote Cement which is up 65% since last year. Dangote is aggressively expanding his Cement company across new markets in Africa, recently announcing plans to build new plants in Kenya and Niger. The company is now present in 15 African countries. Dangote also recently announced plans to construct a private oil refinery and is building a tomato paste factory in Nigeria.

Dbanj and Don Jazzy (After life)

Oliver Twist: the title character is an orphan boy. In one famous scene, Oliver is severely punished for asking for more gruel, or porridge. Oliver later becomes a pickpocket in a gang of young thieves led by Fagin. Violent in plot, the book exposes the inadequacies of British public institutions for dealing with the poverty of children like Oliver.

Advance secondary schools (Private Universities)

Hello my readers, As Nigerians i bet we are familiar with "Advance secondary schools" otherwise known as Private Universities and there are so many out there from church owners to politicians and rich individuals.

Well when i was leaving the normal secondary school, I can remember them saying university is a big world unlike secondary school nobody wakes you up, nobody forces you to school, nobody begs you to submit assignments, that it is like a world outside without anybody guiding you, it is where you gonna choose between good and bad. I don't think i need to go into the good and bad, ranging from cultists to pastors.

16 hours of electricity?

As most of us know Nigeria is celebrating 100 years or better still we are 100 years old but what are we celebrating? bad government? insecurity? lack of jobs? bad educational system? bad roads? etc. We have so many issues worrying naija yet we throw the biggest 'bash' of all celebrating God knows whatever they are celebrating.

Timaya [A man of little words]

First of all i want to thank Timaya for making people more confident in making songs where the beat does all job all you is repeat the same thing consecutively or dont say much as far as the beat is banging.

Praiz ft Awilo - Oshe [My Review]

Hello everybody this is my first review and its on Praiz ft Awilo - Oshe, i never cared to listen to this song cos of the type of songs praiz sings not that i don't enjoy it but as most Nigerians we don't really do well with slow songs but i think praiz also knows that, don't get me wrong praiz has a nice voice and all but in the Nigeria industry not just naija sef but all over you have to sing what people will like (if you want to make money) and i guess he thought this song with awilo will do him good with the listeners but that i don't know about, in my own opinion i love the song.